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Empowering Legal Firms with Top Notch Services Intended to Case Success.

Our personal injury litigation support services focus on arming your litigation team with in-depth investigation and research that involves related groundwork to score winning cases.

Complicated personal injury cases spread across multiple assortments of causes, harms, and jurisdictions. Exploring through them to build a sealed case – is often considered a burdensome task requiring in-depth research, profound comprehension of related law regulations, analytical skills, reasoning, and legitimate skills.

At GSS Infotech, we offer end-to-end personal injury outsourcing services to legal firms, law offices, and attorneys – aiding them with the comprehensive basis to build their cases and contentions. A leading legal process solution provider since 2010, we have partnered with GED Lawyers to provide timely, pre-litigation, and post-litigation service support to personal injury law firms across Florida and Massachusetts. Our experienced team of lawyers and legal specialists have profound mastery and experience of relevant regulations and guidelines across these two geologies, making us a preferred LPO player to deal with a wide range of cases.

Our experienced PIP attorneys collect millions of dollars in PIP benefits for our clients.

If you are the healthcare provider for a patient – who got denied or rejected individual PIP benefits, our attorneys can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law is complex, and filing an insurance claim – comes with many challenges.

Insurers undervalue or outright can deny PIP claims for a variety of reasons. Even simple mistakes in patient records can cause problems. But you do not have to compete with just one insurer. GSS Infotech firm has experienced PIP insurance attorneys determined to process PIP claims and have a track record of successfully collecting millions of dollars in PIP benefits
for clients.

Personal Injury Cases

Car Accident

Commercial Vehicle Accident

18 Wheeler Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Ride Share Accident

Wrongful Death

Worksite Accident

Swimming Pool Accident

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Negligence

PIP Birth Injuries

Brain Injuries

Our Personal Injury Litigation Offerings Covers

Complaints Drafting Services
• Slip & fall complaint litigation
• Premises liability complaint litigation
• Motor Vehicle accident complaint
• Clinical Malpractice complaint
• Wrongful death complaint
• Sexual Assault Complaint
• Negligence Complaint
• Dog Bite Complaint
• Development carelessness grumbling

Responsive Pleadings and Notice Services
• Answer
• Cross Objection Complaint
• Response to Composed Disclosure
• Notice of Default
• Notice of Errata
• Notice of Deposition

Drafting of Disclosure Documents Services
• Request for production of documents (RFPD)
• Request for Form Interrogatories (FROG)
• Request for Form Interrogatories (SPROG)
• Request for Admissions (RFA)
• Meet and Present Letters Regarding Discovery
• Notice of Depositions (Statements)
• Meet and Confer Letters

Summarization of Medical Records and Billing Service
• Request Medical Records
• Send HIPAA forms to clients
• Draft of demand / Settlement Letters

Case File Management Services
• Outlining Google Calendaring of Case Events
• Documenting of Case Management Statements on Hearing
• Electronic-Filing of Complaints
• Handling Practice Management Software

Deposition Services
• Drafting of Deposition Notices
• Booking of Testimonies with Veritext Lawful Arrangements and First Legal Summarization of Statements and Expert witnesses

We Support Multiple Legal Software

With mastery in every legal software and platform, our team of skilled professionals offers quick expectations to learn and adapt the implementation of solutions.

LexisNexis PCLAW; LexisNexisTimeMatters; LexisNexisCaseMap; JarvisLegal; Leap; Elite-Prolaw; Clio; A-legalsoftware; Mycase; Filevine; Practicepanther; Cosmolex

How GSS Infotech Legal Outsourcing Service is Different?

Specialized Legal Experts
GSS Infotech’s legal team comprises qualified law experts with broad experience and exposure to relevant and local regulations. Our team experts – are equipped to deal with a wide range of cases.

Process-Centric Operations
At GSS Infotech, we drive organized and structured processes incorporating the creation of comprehensive libraries and databases and detailed process documentation that bring exclusive operational excellence.

Robust Internal Controls
Every aspect of our personal injury support services has inherent internal controls via survey systems to guarantee 100% precision and accuracy of drafts, summaries, and complaints.

High Productivity Gains
With the profound responsibility for our operational excellence, the GSS Infotech team has acquired significant productivity gains in client operations.

Competitive Costs
To build enduring business relationships, we have planned adaptable valuing models to suit diverse client requirements.

Round-the-Clock Availability
Our team collaboration aligned with shifts to hook up with client work hours – appropriately providing the comfort of ready-to-support service at all times.

End-to-end Services
We help legal organizations, law firms, and attorneys with comprehensive groundwork to build their cases and arguments.
• A leading legal process solution provider since 2010
• Timely and quality pre-litigation and post litigation services

Support for Leading Legal Software
Our team of highly skilled professionals have expertise in leading software’s and platform. This allows us to quickly learn new systems and implement solutions that meet our client’s needs.

Get in Touch with Us

We anticipate building long-term relationships with our clients through our customized personal injury outsourcing support that will make processes cost-efficient. If you have any particular queries or want a guided approach to our service, contact us!