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In today’s competitive and increasingly complex business environment, business transformation has become an imperative to continue to stay ahead. GSS Infotech by virtue of being an early provider of impactful Digital Transformation Consulting Services with a wide range of offerings, which include: Business Restructuring, Develop Digital Strategy, Digital Applications and Enhanced User Experience, helps customers in retaining the winning edge.

Agile & DevOps

• End-to-end DevOps orchestration with Release, Deployment Automation

• Comprehensive DevOps services to realize the benefits of enterprise agility including CI-CD

• Continuous improvement through Agile DevOps, Readiness Assessments.

• Continuous Testing frameworks, services and automation at all phases of Digital Development.

• Streamlining SDLC, M&O through integrated tool chains, automation and real time monitoring.

• Achieve development efficiency, cost effectiveness with opensource alternatives.

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API Platform

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• Provide centrally managed platform for all enterprise API’s

• Accelerating business with API management and data delivery across the organization

• Improve API discoverability and share API easily with internal and external teams

• Expose services securely by enforcing robust authentication, authorization and usage limits

• Improve customer experiences with advanced API management and Microservices

• Automate API connections and ensure consistency across multiple API

Enterprise Platform Management

• Optimize technical environments and provide IT users with efficient infrastructure

• Link multiple systems into cohesive workflows and find relevant information faster

• Adopt radical system changes, platform modernization and operations transformation

• Optimized development environment to accelerate digital transformation

• Centrally optimize and manage systems to support business needs and processes

• Migration, consolidation of platforms to simplify and automate application tasks and mitigate risk

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Big Data

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• Boost customer acquisition and retention rate by offering market insights using big data analytics
• Analyze and scan heterogeneous data to perform risk analysis and create new revenue streams

• Improve organizational efficiency and operations through continuous data collection

• Develop robust capabilities to handle data volume, velocity, veracity

• We help you set up real-time predictions by deploying the collected business data to drive insights.

• Big data driven single pane of glass for visualization of enterprise data insight

Our Platform Expertise

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