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GSS InfoTech’s Application Services enable you to leverage emerging technologies, proven platforms, methodologies, ubiquitous mobile devices and new business and delivery models that provide real value and increase competitive advantage. We create high quality business applications that are scalable, secure, easily maintainable and help our customers sustain competitive advantage through predictability and agility.

Application Development

• Custom web and mobile application development, modernization services

• Cloud enablement of applications to drive great end user experiences

• Application integration through service bus for external and internal interfacing

• End to end application solutions catering to diverse business needs and industry standards

• Build and secure scalable, robust applications for global businesses and high throughput

• Adoption of tested tools, methodologies & leading practices for fast-tracked outcomes

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Application Transformation

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• Application modernization through Assessment, Redesign, Prioritization and proven strategy

• Transform existing systems into cloud-native apps and transition to a modern DevOps approach

• Application transformation facilitating enhanced productivity, customer experience, compliance

• Provide coherent and robust environment leveraging technologies like cloud and Edge

• Leverage best in class solutions, extensive expertise and the support of Partner Eco-system

• Driving agility and innovation by embracing new cloud centric models and opportunities

Application Maintenance

• Provide corrective and proactive software maintenance services for enterprise applications

• Adaptive maintenance services to upgrade, enhance applications without disruption

• Ensure applications run efficiently and meet KPIs, SLA and to achieve optimum performance

• Proactive application load management through web analytics and AI based predictions

• Provide problem management, bug fixing, debugging, troubleshooting, performance tuning

• Application data management, modernization and vulnerability, compliance

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Quality Engineering

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• Achieve strategic quality engineering results by automating the application testing landscape

• Assist in Digital journey using leading quality engineering strategies for business agility

• Establish comprehensive testing frameworks and strategy across the organizational IT landscape

• Enable organizations to increase release velocity, reduce time to market and reduce testing effort

• Accelerate business outcomes for software testing through open source tools, shift left testing

• Leverage AI and automation for faster testing lifecycle and early defect detection, prevention

Our Expertise

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