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GSS Infotech’s Infrastructure Management Services equip a customer’s business with round-the-clock support, through our Global Operations Command Center (GOCC). Our comprehensive portfolio of services gives customers the ability to reduce their costs and improve service levels. GSS helps global enterprises cut down on their infrastructure maintenance costs and provide access to expert skills without the expense of retaining those skills in house.

Network Operation Center (NOC)

• Driven by leading practices and employing global frameworks to serve clients across all industries

• Secure infrastructure connections for workflow management and advanced event detection

• Comprehensive monitoring , remediation for servers, applications, network and databases

• Rationalize, Optimize and Innovate the monitoring and management of infrastructure

• Proactive analysis of alerts and tickets round the clock to prevent issues from recurring

• Monitoring, ticketing, troubleshooting and resolving issue for reduced downtime, better reporting

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Security Operations Center (SOC)

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• Real time monitoring, contextual analysis, to proactively prevent, detect and fix security threats

• Vigilant event log monitoring by log collection & analysis round the clock.

• Proactive monitoring, scalable log management, efficient and integrated security services.

• Develop and train algorithms to detect advanced, multi-stage threats.

• Monitor endpoints vulnerabilities to keep sensitive data safe and secure.

• Detect, examine and reply to all types of malicious or suspicious activities.

Datacenter Services

• Build and maintain best-in-class, hybrid data center management architecture to enhance agility

• Maintain complex command, data centers with round the clock support for maximum availability

• Expand beyond traditional data centers to include public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure

• Datacenter transformation through leading frameworks, accelerators, tools, methodologies

• Integrate proprietary and open source solutions across Network, Storage, Compute and Cloud

• Redesign data centers, build a migration strategies, and successfully execute migration plans

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Storage Infrastructure

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• Provide end-to-end portfolio of enterprise data storage solutions for effective asset utilization

• Assess storage requirements, design, deploy, maintain storage infrastructure

• Develop custom storage strategies to meet specific requirements leveraging leading solutions

• Assist in transition from legacy architecture to cohesive storage solution

• Modernize storage infrastructure to enable end-to-end data protection and recoverability

• Employ a consolidated approach to storage that complies with the ITIL service delivery guidelines

Our Expertise

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