The client is an American pulp and paper company based in Northbrook, Illinois. Since November 2018 it has been a subsidiary of WestRock. The company has kraft paper manufacturing facilities at five locations in the US, a lumber mill in Summerville, SC, 21 corrugated box and corrugated fiberboard plants and 65 packaging distribution centers. It has approximately 6,200 employees. The client needed support in automating their testing process for validating their interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics AX based ERP. This was to help them release their own employees from testing tasks and effectively reutilize them in core business activities.

Manufacturing Application Challenge

The client wanted GSS to study their business and processes and suggest a more efficient process to replace and release their existing in-house staff to direct their efforts on business critical tasks.
GSS visited the client on site and analyzed their applications to arrive at the exact requirement. The tasks included testing of:
• ERP interface with Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics AX


GSS assessed and evaluated the existing eco system to check for feasibility of setting up automation tests. Once established, the automation test team carried out identified the requirement as a need for a test automation to run testing in an efficient and effective manner.
• Successful and consistent delivery of testing tasks.
• High level of client satisfaction leading to extension of services for continued support from initial 6 months to 3 years
• Team size increased from 5 to 8 to accommodate greater responsibilities.
• Initial automation was with MS Dynamics coupled with Imaginera system. Successful delivery led o inclusion of Avantis and Elixir systems also.