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As Beacon technology usage by hotels, casinos and mobile providers grows, the ecosystem of mobile content providers and Beacon hotspot locations that stream content, advertising and media to consumer mobile devices will become a critical requirement for success at the point of sale. iBStream is building an ecosystem of content providers and Beacon hotspot location partners so hotels and casinos can deploy a Beacon mobile marketing strategy nationally, regionally or locally.

The iBStream ecosystem delivers a superior, personalized consumer mobile marketing experience that improves the effectiveness and results of media, web and mobile marketing campaigns. Our goal is to become organization’s partner for deploying and integrating Beacon technology and campaigns that deliver greater business and customer insights while improving the effectiveness of social and mobile marketing campaigns.

Proximity marketing refers to communicating with customers at the right place, the right time and with highly relevant and personalized messages, on their smartphones – be it greeting at the entry points, special offers in the store aisles, or getting feedback on a new product. Legacy advertisements on television, billboards, radio and pamphlets could be appealing, but they lack the impulsive drive to avail an offer, or try a new product.

However, digital technology, such as beacons have bridged this gap between offline and online.

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Beacon Technology in Hotels & Casinos

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Beacons are small wireless devices used to trigger the delivery of hyper location-specific mobile content to mobile devices. Many hotels and casinos are using Beacon technologies within social media and mobile marketing campaigns in order to:

• Improve new hotel, casino, venue, launch awareness and foot traffic
• Increase floor traffic and gaming revenues at specific locations and times
• Increase hotel, casino, restaurant, venue awareness and commerce sales
• Attract new guests and potential new hires
• Enhance the guest experience, increase guest loyalty and spending at targeted destinations, properties or venues
• Generate additional revenue streams for property or franchise owners
• Cross promote specific locations and properties to improve overall revenue and profit generation
• Maximize internal rate of return on marketing investments and campaigns