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GSS Infotech has consistently met and exceeded and now I have high expectation for GSS and hope to continue this winning partnership for the coming months and years.
Young C. Chang

Director, The American Institute of Architects

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Test Automation

GSS Infotech Test automation expertise assures clients of best practices, low cost, and optimum use of resources. Our proficiency in the latest technology and use of the finest tools guarantee robust, consistent, evergreen, and tester friendly functional test automation frameworks. With focus on greater customer convenience and providing them with real benefits, experts at our testing automation lab make sure that performance test automation framework perfectly suits your requirements, improve software quality, and add strategic significance to product life cycle.

Test Automation : Features

GSS Infotech Center of Excellence approaches Test Automation challenges with customized methodology and tools most suitable for specific customer needs. A focused approach and selection of right tools ensure superior return on money, time, and resources invested. The decade-long experience we have in developing functional testing automation frameworks help bring down costs and time considerably while enhancing product quality and consistency. Our real-world research and utilization of cutting edge licensed and open source tools for customized performance test automation drives flexibility while facilitating optimum use of resources resulting in real benefits and high test rates.

GSS Infotech Test automation team is adept in creating custom tools and selenium automation framework for all, including API and CLI-based automation. Flexibility, easy-to-handle, change-adaptive, ease of end-user execution features of our automation framework multiplies website test automation benefits.

Test Automation : Services

With an effective automation framework and methodology in place and the best automation talents at its testing lab, GSS Infotech promises to deliver consistent, change adaptive, and tester friendly solutions in the following areas.
  • Web Service & API-based automation
  • Functional test automation
  • Performance test automation
  • Unit test automation
  • Domain-specific accelerator creation
  • Command Line Interface or CLI-based automation
  • Custom tools creation

GSS Infotech Test Automation Framework combines multiple automation components to provide end-to-end test automation:
Modelers enable definition of business processes, validation rules, etc. by the testers in a graphical format or in an English-like language to address migration concerns and reduce the test cycle
Script generators generate test scripts at the click of a button, reducing effort by 40%-60%. Test Document generators generate readable test documentation, reducing effort by about 60%
Libraries enable the reuse of functions, test scenarios and collections of user actions, which results in reduced effort.
Adapters enable test automation for specific technology platforms and products. For example, Perl and SOA, among others.

Automation Framework Development: Key Benefits

  • Early automation: On confirmation of test requirements, test automation can be conducted concurrently with preparation of manual test cases.
  • Faster time-to-market and increased Return on Investment: Provides competitive advantage and enables routing of cost savings to other IT and business initiatives.
  • Pre-built function libraries: Reduces the cost of developing an automation test suite by up to 40%. They enable generation of automated scripts after documenting the logical flow of test cases.
  • Offline automation: Lowers investment in test tool licenses by limiting the need for multiple test tool licenses to the test execution phase. Licenses are required only during test execution and creation of the object repository.
  • Reusable business components: Enables higher reusability and reduced effort during maintenance. Automated test cases based on the design of the business processes result in higher reuse of scripts.
  • End-to-end automation framework: Scalable and extensible automation framework covering multiple application technology platforms and packages ensures lower investment cost and faster Return on Investment as the framework is well defined, easy to use, robust and scalable.
  • Automation methodology: Reduces development cost by enabling business users and manual testers to develop automated test scripts.

Test Harmony

  • Provides a comprehensive testing framework for SOA-based applications
  • Advanced test case generation features improve the validation process of a target application .
  • Executes test cases against application logic by coordinating transaction flow across a network of applications
  • Offers rich reporting functionality and automatically generated reports with different levels of details
  • Can be applied and managed from standard test management tools such as HP Quality Center/Test Director
Test Harmony has several robust features, including:
  • Test Automation
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Advanced Reporting