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Other Assessment

Other Assessment

Other areas within the IT Infrastructure environment that may cause vulnerabilities and risks to the Business

Wireless Security Reviews

GSS's wireless penetration testing and assessment services evaluate the security of your organization's wireless implementations and provide recommendations for improvement. An optional wireless penetration testing phase includes exploitation of the underlying vulnerabilities.

VPN Security Reviews

The VPN review compares your current configuration against recommended best practices and identifies any areas of concern. The assessment includes remote and onsite configuration review as well as an architecture review.

Firewall Security Reviews

Firewall security reviews are important because they identify vulnerabilities that cannot normally be detected through network penetration tests and black box network assessments.


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  • I. Wireless Security Reviews

    Focuses on enumerating and verifying potential attack vectors and threats to your organization's wireless infrastructure. The wireless security review is compromised of the following three phases: 1. Wireless architecture review 2. Wireless configuration review 3. Access point discovery.
  • II. VPN Security Reviews

    1. Account management and passwords 2. VPN security settings 3. Patch management 4. Network security 5. Logging and auditing 6. Client security
  • III. Firewall Security Reviews

    An understanding of the overall security architecture and of the assets the firewall has been dedicated to protect. Examine the firewall configuration. Review of firewall rules and groups, system & account management, access controls, and logging and auditing.