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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Covers physical security of the infrastructure and the access control mechanism of cloud assets

Cloud Application Assessments:

Uncover software vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of weaknesses, and provide recommendations for mitigation.

Cloud Infrastructure Assessments:

Remotely identify the networks, hosts, and services that comprise your cloud's external and internal environments. Vulnerabilities are identified and if desired, exploited during a penetration test.

Host/OS Configuration Reviews:

Remotely review the configuration of key applications, servers, databases, and network components to identify vulnerabilities that may go unnoticed during network testing.

Cloud Architecture Reviews:

A network architecture review will evaluate the function, placement, and gaps of existing security controls and compare their alignment with the organization's security goals and objectives.

VPN Security Reviews:

Compare your current configuration against recommended best practices and identifies any areas of concern. The assessment includes a remote configuration review as well as an architecture review.

Host-based Firewall Reviews:

Analyze both the configuration of the host-based firewalls (accounts, logging, patch management, etc.) as well as the implementation of network security controls (ACLs) via the firewall.


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  • I. Evaluation

    Understand exactly what types of data or processing the customer is considering moving to a cloud service and classify that data according to risk.
  • II. Discovery

    Determine where the organization's data resides so that appropriate controls can be put in place.
  • III. Analysis

    Work with targeted cloud providers to analyze the extent to which the business goals can be achieved whilst ensuring the sensitive data remains protected.
  • IV. Mitigation

    Consult on the planning, supply and installation of those elements required to fulfil the security requirement that enable the cloud service migration.