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Workload Guardian - Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

It's a fact that scheduling often underpins business operations, the technology is critical for most enterprises. In this environment downtime or a temporary loss of skills is simply unacceptable and can often cripple an enterprise. While not always preventable you can ensure that you resume normal business operations in the shortest time possible.

That's where Cisco TES Workload Guardian comes in - it's like full coverage insurance for scheduling environments. Our existing customers use Workload Guardian in a number of ways: for specific event coverage such as vacations, or unplanned absence. Some choose to augment costly out of hours support, or use the service to extend the support window.

Workload Guardian is totally flexible and customizable to the needs of each and every client. From two days coverage to a month, to yearly support agreements, or something in between. You get the peace of mind that GSS Infotech Cisco TES certified engineers are managing your Cisco TES environment.

Service Elements

From simple tasks such as monitoring to more complex job troubleshooting, GSS Infotech services include:
  • Employee Handover
  • Job Monitoring
  • Ticket creation for job automation issues
  • Fix and re-run problematic jobs and documentation
  • Troubleshooting, and escalation
  • Job definition creation
  • Taking part in the daily turnover process
  • Status reports on any new or updated automation requests
  • Returning employee handover

Workload Guardian - Emergency

For most organizations managing vacations and skills shortages at short notice is a real problem. Our engineers can be on call for scheduled or unscheduled needs at short notice to cover, vacations, unplanned absence, holidays, or any limited time events.

For more information call 1 (877) 452-3700 or

Workload Guardian - Extended

Perhaps your organization has longer term needs? Many organizations have requirements to extend support windows to cover third shift or weekends, some are tasked with reducing costs while providing the same or improved levels of service. Whatever your need GSS Infotech can offer a custom solution with defined SLA's to meet and exceed your objectives.

For more information call 1 (877) 452- 3700 or