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GSS Infotech offers a full range of MySQL support options to meet your specific business needs. Our MySQL Support Services comprise of development, deployment, and management of MySQL applications.

MySQL Architecture & Design

We start by evaluating MySQL and how it can replace legacy applications and proprietary databases. Subsequently we design and architect your database application. We work closely with you to review your database application plans and provide an analysis of how to architect them for current and future requirements. We execute the analysis, architecture and design to develop and deliver your MySQL database applications. By ensuring that the architecture is accurate we minimize re-architecting efforts when your business conditions change.


We use proven methodologies and expertise in database administration, security, performance tuning, replication, backup, and fault-tolerance to ensure that you derive maximum value out of your MySQL investments. We begin by analyzing your current database infrastructure and requirements. We install, configure and administer MySQL and also apply the latest MySQL patches and version upgrades. We schedule backup & recovery, set-up and manage replication. We help secure your database environment and benchmark, load test, and optimize the critical SQL queries. All the activities executed are documented and provided to you in form of a report that also mentions our findings and recommendations.

MySQL Health Check

We apply MySQL best practices and tools to prevent future issues that can harass your MySQL infrastructure. We help you to authenticate and appraise your MySQL database architecture and configuration to suffice present and future growth requirements. This includes review of your practices and policies related to MySQL database administration, backups & recovery, monitoring, security, configuration, replication, and fault-tolerance architecture. The health check comprises of identifying potential issues and limitations and making recommendations on best practices for development, deployment, and operations. This helps you to reduce risk at critical phases of your projects.

MySQL Performance Tuning & Optimization

As part of MySQL performance tuning we execute tasks like Query Optimization, Index Tuning, Caching and Buffer Tuning, Hot Spot and Bottleneck identification to eliminate MySQL performance issues. We provide immediate resolution to critical application downtime and make sure your applications don't slow down during critical business hours. All this eventually helps you save cost as it reduces your need for expensive hardware upgrade.

MySQL High Availability

By implementing MySQL high availability solution we assist you in achieving a greater reliability in uptime. We design, test, deploy and operate a modern database infrastructure that will help you meet objectives for performance and high availability. This includes configuring of MySQL or MySQL Cluster to work with high availability technologies (such as DRBD, SAN, Shared SCSI, and Heartbeat), as required. We implement best practice processes for high availability (including Backup, Maintenance, Monitoring, Password Management, and Escalation). We ensure you are geared up for emergency situations and help you keep your systems running.

MySQL Migration

We use proven methodologies to help you migrate from any database version to MySQL. We evaluate your current IT setup, identify likely challenges and incompatibilities. Subsequently we migrate the trial data to MySQL and benchmark and load test the same against sample queries.