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UCP - Software Interfaces

Big Data

Big Data Analysis tools are designed to collect, integrate and analyze large volumes of structured & unstructured data such as text (email to tickets, incidents, resolutions, security logs & sensor logs) in near real time. Integrating Big Data Analytics tool(s) as a part of the Intelligent Unified Cloud Platform for next generation Infrastructure Management Services, powers the system to collect and analyze structured, semi-structured & unstructured data from listed sources, enabling the system to be highly effective in processing various forms of data with minimal human intervention.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning using the data patterns helps expediate the decision-making process on set of actions to be taken within few seconds. Using deep learning techniques, researches created a machine learning module that employs static analysis & continuously matures the decision-making process & triggering most appropriate actions.

The emergence of big data analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud-based computing options that have made building of such platforms & tools affordable, and have helped to drive deep learning solutions into the mainstream.


In computing, JSON uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute–value pairs. It is the most common data format used for asynchronous browser/server communication, largely replacing XML, and is used by AJAX.

JSON helps in effective communication of interdependent & connected systems over the network by converting into data objects and forwards the JSON format files to other systems. This will help the interconnected systems to easily interpret the data across distributed systems & platforms.

Service Management:

UCP comes with Incident reporting inbuilt, where the Incident & log analysis is powered by data analytics supported by big data tools, and Machine Learning is leveraged for recommending standardized resolutions & taking actions, thereby enabling faster & consistent Service Management in-line with ITIL with reduced human intervention resulting in generating responses within SLAs, increased FCR% over time, thereby improving the Customer Satisfaction & utilizing human intelligence / staff for higher end IT value chain tasks.


From a reporting perspective as well, the dash boards generated from the underlying high-quality data will give a near real time perspective about the Infrastructure Management Services offered through Intelligent Unified Cloud Platform.

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