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ITSSM EIDM (Enterprise Identity and Data Management)


IT Organizations of every size will employ tools to automate and manage their day today IT Operation and service support processes. IT service support management (ITSSM) tools offer a tighter integration of functions that correlates with the activities of the broader IT support organization. ITSSM tools leverage a business view of IT services, enabling the IT support organization to quickly resolve or escalate issues and problems, improve root cause isolation, and provide higher levels of business user satisfaction. Using this business view, IT support organizations manage incidents, problems and service requests throughout their life cycles at a more efficient and effective rate. ITSSM tools also enable organizations to automate the workflow of process frameworks (such as ITIL) specific to IT service support (such as incident, problem, change, release governance and request management).

Use Case Example: EIDM for Multi-Specialty Hospital

Currently, many hospitals are using different systems in different departments. For example, Admissions Department uses and stores data in a different software than Emergency Department Similar is the scenario with other departments of hospital like Medical billing, pharmacy, HR.

A unified computer system will help hospitals efficiently manage patient information. With the help of EIDM Application healthcare facilities will be more proactive in avoiding unnecessary test and procedures, hence saving time and money for both, hospitals as well as patients.

EIDM Software also helps capture the hospital procedure or treatments that are sometimes unaccounted due to lack of documentation never reaching to accounting department for medical billing. With the help of EIDM System, all the patient healthcare information will be stored into single database and each department will access the same database. However, each department has limited access to the amount of data based on departmental roles. This internet based system that allows patients to track their appointments with each doctor. Moreover, they can choose to get appointment reminder notification via SMS, Email or Phone call on real-time basis if there are any changes or delay in scheduled appointment time. Patients will also be able to access and log certain vital readings such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc. for doctor's review from home via patient information system online.

EIDM Solution:

Enterprise Identity and Data Management (EIDM) is a product or system that could be utilized for organizations with multiple systems for various departments. By integrating EIDM with unified communication and collaboration services; it can collaborate all individual information into single database; using a unified Internet application for all the departments. This system protects sensitive information of the individual, abiding by HIPAA laws. Unauthorized access can lead to federal law violation of invasion of patient privacy. These application services engage the user(s) providing automatic notifications over the users' channel of choice and enabling them to respond through any channel so that the process can continue with minimal interruption. GSS InfoTech's solution would lead to the marriage of collaboration medium and channels with IT Service Management Tools.
  • Organization will be saving more than 30 per cent of the dollar value that they spend on different software licenses and mess that is created when either one or multiple systems are not supported by the vendor.
  • Training time spent is reduced significantly, as a single system will be supporting all the activities throughout the organization.
  • Organization EIDM system will help the individual get access to their own information from a single user system.
  • Billing and accounting department will significantly benefit by EIDM system, as their process billing becomes more accurate because not a single procedure goes un-documented. At the end generating more revenues for organization.
  • Options for deployment on the cloud or on-premise. Available as Software-as-a-Service (Saas), the solution offers all the advantages of cloud implementation including the flexible consumption of communication and collaboration services to accelerate a business process flow, on-demand scalability and rapid, cost-effective deployment that eliminates expenditure for hardware or additional IT resources.

Furthermore, the solution would reduce the risk, time and total cost of ownership for companies who implement the solution. The proposed EIDM solution would be vendor agnostic which can easily.

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