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Q. How do I apply at GSS Infotech?
A. You can submit your resume online. GSS' talent acquisition team will get in touch with you.
Q. What are the specific skills you look for in a GSS Infotech employee?
A. GSS Infotech is constantly on the lookout for candidates with:
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong customer centric focus and negotiation skills
  • Self-motivated and confident individuals capable of building cohesive and high-performing teams
Q. Do I have to be experienced software professional to join GSS Infotech?
A. At an entry level GSS Infotech does not insist of prior software knowledge since we provide extensive training in software development to new entrants. However, for experienced professionals, relevant experience is usually a requirement.
Q. What are the training and development opportunities at GSS Infotech?
A. GSS Infotech has an excellent training infrastructure. Our training division organizes regular training programs for professional and personal effectiveness. GSS conducts a special new employee induction program
Q. I have already attended an interview in GSS Infotech; can I re-apply for any of the existing openings?
A. Candidates who have already attended an interview can re-apply only after 6 months.
Q. Does GSS Infotech charge any fee for applying/securing a job?
A. No processing fee is charged by GSS Infotech at any point during the recruitment process.