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GSS Infotech team was very quick and efficient in modifying the documents and finishing the deliverables. The first drafts of the Functional Spec were created in good time by the team.
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Web App Security

We Vulnerability assessments and Penetration tests are pass. GSS Infotech multi-fold security assessment guards your app against the latest and the most devastating attacks. We find security loopholes by thoroughly evaluating your web applications.

Competencies Identification

Before we start with the attacks on your apps, we identify the core competencies that help you grow. The attacks are planned in line with your competencies.

Vigorous Offensive Testing

Your app is broken apart to test its resilience against the latest threats. We go beyond VAPT, simulating DDoS and Zero day attacks. Real attacks by covert Cyber Intelligence hackers.

Bug Fixing Assistance

In addition to pointing them out and demonstrating their effects, we work with you to actively fix all the bugs identified.

Business Logic Flow Testing

Your business logic is attacked in multiple ways to bring out security bugs and critical flaws.

Global Testing Standards

We cover top global security standards like OWASP Top 10, WASC, CERT and OSSTMM for every app we test.

Zero False Positives

We report a security loophole only when we have undeniable proof of its existence. No false positives in our reports.

Offensive Assessments Methodolgy