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GSS Infotech team was very quick and efficient in modifying the documents and finishing the deliverables. The first drafts of the Functional Spec were created in good time by the team.
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Application Security Simplified


Our best in class Application Security experts will substantially improve your Application Security Posture. We simplify Application Security through our award-winning Security Assessments, Security Monitoring and improve your App Security Maturity.

Our Application Security offerings help you achieve lasting App Security Maturity. We make your Applications, DevOps, People and Process resilient to the latest and the most devastating attacks. We have been successful in making App Security a DevOps responsibility for hundreds of customers. Make your Developers and engineers "The guardians" of your application! Accelerate your App Sec today!

Security Assessment

Secure your suite of applications including your API, Cloud, IOT, Blockchain, Mobile apps and Web Applications.
  • Web App Security.
  • Mobile App Security.
  • Code Review.
  • Cloud Security.
  • API Security.
  • FinTech Security.
  • IOT Security.